Welcome to Horizon Senaru: VillaRestaurantTrekking

We are a small, friendly, family-owned operator in the beautiful village of Senaru in North Lombok.

My name is Yusuf and I can make your stay in Senaru memorable. We have a comfortable villa with spectacular views of Mount Rinjani and the valley. We now have two Valley View Rooms that accommodate two people in each room. We have a open air restaurant where you can share a meal with friends, have a drink and take in the spectacular scenery.

And we can also organise your trekking adventure into the Rinjani National Park where you can climb Indonesia’s second highest peak, Gunung Rinjani. Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano and Senaru is at the foot of this majestic mountain.

Please come and stay with us – it will be my pleasure to introduce to to Senaru and give you and insight into our way of life here in the village.

Unique, friendly and welcoming